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4 min readNov 10, 2021


It seems, this country, as opposed to, proactively, attending to truth requirements, as well as top priorities, which exist, just, keeps putting things off, and also placing — off, taking well — considered, prompt action, for the very best passions of our nation, citizens, and the planet, both, at — present, and also into the future! I have actually gotten to the factor, where, either, I recommend the popular line, from the film, Network, “I’m mad as heck, and not going to take it anymore,” or, become, progressively, passive, since it appears, nothing changes, right, in spite of, that we choose!’

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Have you ever asked yourself, if, one of the few, well — intentioned, chosen officials, ever before asks himself, why he desired that position, due to the evident, frustration, and also disappointments, caused, greatly, by the absence of points, needed, obtaining, accomplished? Also, those points, which it appears, need to be common feeling, and also not political, keep, falling under the partisan traps of the American political system! With, that in mind, this post will certainly try to, briefly, determine, think about, evaluate, as well as talk about, 5 specific reasons,

1. Absolutely nothing significant/ needed modifications or is dealt with, realistically: Too often, chosen officials, rather than offering and also standing for citizens, and also the relevant, lasting demands as well as concerns, of our country, as well as planet, we witness, only, vacant unsupported claims as well as assures, laziness (delaying, over, and also over, again), and their personal/ political program, as well as/ or, self — interest, prioritized, over sound judgment, as well as the globe’s benefits!

We have been alerted, for several decades, about the requirement to protect our setting, in order to protect, tidy air and water, and also, thus, public health, at — present, and also in the future! Yet, some, today, still proclaim, this is some type of scam, rejecting the requirement to act, earlier, rather than later!

In a similar way, the Climate Modification, deniers, damage everyone! Careful analysis, of our legal rights as well as freedoms, as opposed to shielding all our Constitutional warranties, threatens America’s identification! Regardless, several political leaders, appear to, either, not care, or locate bothersome, several truths, and so on!

2. Both sides exist. and are hypocrites: It’s not, as — if, one political side, is pure, while the other is not! Instead, NewsWatch Cost a we witness, where both sides lie, when it is convenient, and sustains their point of views, as well as proceed, being, at — finest, hypocrites! Exactly how else, can we clarify, the very same people, that oppose a woman’s right — to — choose, fall short to support, needed, sound judgment, public health steps, weapon safety controls, etc?

3. Money has way too much impact, in national politics!: The impact of money, in terms of plan, as well as access, hurt the ideology, our nation, was founded, on! We have to limit, exactly how our political elections, as well as campaigns, re conducted, consisting of the ridiculous expenditure/ expenses, and also size of the campaigning procedure!

4. Little sound judgment!: Regrettably, a lot more than in many various other elements of our lives, it appears, there is little, common sense, made use of, in public management, etc! Why is it so unusual? Why do we proceed, making, the exact same mistakes, over — and also — over, once more? What occurs to those prospects, when they come to be office holders?

5. Way too much populist national politics/ Not enough viable remedies: When, the emphasis, focuses on populist national politics, instead of doing, what’s best, needed, appropriate, and sustainable, it clearly, shows, a major problem in our political system, and also mainly, discusses, why so — numerous, are transformed — off, by politics — as — common!

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Awaken, America, and also demand modifications, for the better, faster, as opposed to later, or, it may be far too late, to avoid, the loss of this country’s belief, factor — for — being, and also the best relevant, lasting, path, going — ahead! I am much — less, than certain, we will be able to, attain these essential adjustments, before it’s far too late!



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